Monday, 11 October 2010

New Painted Stuff

Its been such a busy month that updates have been difficult. That and no internet didn't help!
Still inbetween all the sculpting I have managed to do some painting. Another unit of Crossbows for the teutonics and the start of a unit of Crusader Knight have been done. I'll try and put pics up later this week of them. The day before Derby I was determind to get some of the new Musketeer figures painted up for the display so spent a day doing the following three figs. Its a while since I spent a whole day painting but it was kind of fun. Happy with how they came out :)


  1. Cracking stuff as usual Bill.

    Love the Moors (Archers especially) and the Goths.

    BTW, is it me or are you following your own blog mate?!

  2. wow what awesome figure painting love the way you've done your shading, great work