Thursday, 21 October 2010

More new stuff (and some old)

Well I have managed to get some more painting done now that the mad sculpting rush is out of the way. As I've been making Goths all month I also started to prep some for painting too. Not much to see though so I'll wait till I've done a little more before posting pics of them.

What I have done is the following:

Arab Black Guard Unit

Teutonic Crossbowmen

Crusader Knights (for Teutonic Army)

Monday, 11 October 2010

New Painted Stuff

Its been such a busy month that updates have been difficult. That and no internet didn't help!
Still inbetween all the sculpting I have managed to do some painting. Another unit of Crossbows for the teutonics and the start of a unit of Crusader Knight have been done. I'll try and put pics up later this week of them. The day before Derby I was determind to get some of the new Musketeer figures painted up for the display so spent a day doing the following three figs. Its a while since I spent a whole day painting but it was kind of fun. Happy with how they came out :)