Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Current projects

After lots of sorting out of the lead pile, and an ongoing ebay sell off I've settled on a couple of periods that I want to spend real time on. The first is a revisit for me. A few years back I, along with a friend of mine had two ECW armies painted up. Between us there was about 600+ figures and we based them up for the Piquet ruleset. We had a number of really fun games, but then out of the blue he announced that he'd sold off his army so he could invest in another project. This left me with a big Royalist army and nobody to fight. After a while it was clear I was going to have no use for it so I sold it off.

The ECW has always stayed in the back of my head though, and its time to scratch the itch once more. Even though I am without any regular gaming friends now I'm in the US I've decided that I'm not going to let that get in the way of immersing myself in this exciting period of English history. So to that end I purchased a couple of units from Perry miniatures to make a start. I know that choice wise it would have been smarter to go down the Bicorne/Renegade route as they have much bigger ranges, but I just love the Perry's figures so I opted for these, hoping that Michael will jump back in and fill in the gaps at some point (especially artillery crews, and possibly some infantry with improvised weapons if you're reading this?).

I jumped in with a Royalist infantry regt and a Parliamentarian horse unit. I was going to do a specific campaign and orbat, but then I though sod it, I'll just do pretty regt's instead :)

First up was Haselrige's Lobsters, just because you HAVE to have them. Its the law.

Next up it's Sir Allen Apsleys Regiment of foote. Just because I liked the picture of them on the original 1644 rule set :)

Ongoing at the moment is a light gun for my next infantry regt, Rupert's Bluecoat's.

Once I've finished the gun and crew I'll have a day of basing them all up and taking some proper pics of them.

The next period up is the AWI, again figures by the Perry's. This time though I'm having someone else paint them up for me a unit at a time. This is the first of them. Not sure what regiment it will be yet, but he did a great job on them :)

As well as all this I have some Saxon's on the go for Dux Britanniarum, but I'll save those pics for later :)

Monday, 20 August 2012

Vortigen WIP

Quick snap of the Vortigen WIP. Not sure what what to do with the other figure atm. Maybe a sword in his hand, maybe a standard. What does the crowd think?

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Its quiet...too quiet!

Wow! Has it been that long since I last posted on this blog??

Well a lot has happened since then I guess. for those of you that don't read my Musketeer Miniatures blog, I moved to the USA last year so wargaming as a hobby has been on a back burner to say the least. I've been here since Sept now and have finally managed to organise myself enough to pick up a paint brush once more. And I've enjoyed it :-)

First up has been Hordes. This seems to be quite popular over here and I have found a local store that hosts games. I say local, its an hours drive away, but that counts as local in mid Ohio! I've started a small Circle force to begin with, mainly because I love the figures.


Gorax (I love this figure)

My good friend Rob Jones has painted a Legion force for me which I'll show at some point soon.

Next up is some figures that I have had sat in a box for ages. I have always been a fan of Mark Copplestone's figures, but his Armies of Louis XIV are just lovely. Its a colourful period if somewhat vague in details available. But that also is part of the appeal as you kind of don't have to worry about it too much. I plan to do French and Dutch armies for this. :-)