Saturday, 13 November 2010

Goths and Corn doll

I've actually managed to get some of my Goths painted this week. Really enjoyed painting these for a change. usually I'm not a fan of painting my own figs as I find fault with them as I do them, but these seem OK. Not usually enough hours in the day to paint figs but these had to be done for an advert so had to take a week off from sculpting to get them finished.

The Corn doll is a figure made by GB's own Soapy. There are 4 figs, all really nicely done but only had time to paint the one :)


  1. The Goths look great as does Soapy's creation.

    It would be brilliant to see them en masse- the Goths that is- not too sure about an army of Corn Dolls...... but then again... :O)


  2. Love the Goths and the corn doll looks scary

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