Wednesday, 7 July 2010


To add a bit of colour to the Roman army I'm going to add a unit of Celts. Renegade have a nice selection so I ordered a couple of their unit packs. The figures are nice, if rather static looking, but the one thing that really got me is that the swordsmen look like they are just about to open for England at the Ashes. How big are the swords?????? HUGE things. They'll have to go so will either trim them down or replace them with home made metal ones. I know that they can't be quite to scale because of casting considerations, but do they need to look like 40K Power Swords? I think not! I do however really like the leader figure. Really nice that one and should paint up a treat :)

Decided to definitely do 18 figures for the Roman Elites so prepped another 3 today. I'll try and get some more painted tomorrow after work. With any luck I'll have them all done by the weekend :)

If anyone has 3 Gaelic Cavalry going spare could you drop me a line? Either Foundry or GB only though as the ones I have are Foundry. Ta! ;)


  1. No kidding,those swords are huge!


  2. Having painted over 100 of the renegade celts I can say how nice the faces are on them and I love the details (but the swords are way too big)