Saturday, 24 July 2010


I've been promising to paint myself a Medieval army for years now and just never seem to get round to it. I still have some of the Perry's lovely HYW figures gathering dust somewhere. Earlier this week I spent a few days down in Evesham with chums Darren and Andy at Gripping Beast. In between coffee and chatting I found myself once more looking at the lovely collection of Teutonic's that sit in their cabinets. I could resist no more. I already have an unpainted unit of the heavy Knights so I decided to knock up a quick army list. After some horse trading I came away with 2 units of Crossbowmen, and unit of Foot Knights and a unit of Spearmen. I've just spent the past couple of evenings working on the first unit of Crossbowmen which got finished today.
I've decided to go for the "get the units on the table sharpish" approach and so these have been base coated, dipped in Army Painter and then had a couple of highlights added. Job done! I think this has to be the way ahead for me now as there is just not enough hours in the day to spend ages on each figure. And as I'll be fielding them, its not like they'll be on the table long anyway!! ;-)


  1. They look very good and army painter can produce quite nice results with just a few highlights added.....just like yours!


  2. Nice looking unit :-) Army painter, yep its the way forward for getting them on the table.

  3. Splendid figures! Well done. Mind if I ask about your basing recipe too?



  4. For basing I pinched Saxon Dogs idea about using grout. I thin it down so it goes on easier and then sprinkle a bit of sand and the odd rock. Once dry base coat it with Umber (P3 paints) and the dry brush it with GW Graveyard earth and Foundry Rawhide. Grass is just flock and Stiflor tufts. :)

  5. I think AP will become more widly used soon as it let you churn out good TT minis and you can still go to town on the charators. BTW I painted a WAB army in 1 month with AP not as good as your guys but enough for the table.

  6. Hello

    They have come up very well, I must start looking at AP, although I dont think much of the dipping I feel brushing on is the way to go.

    The grout works really well, I'v taken to adding a bit of sand to grout before applying. Still experimenting with various blends and quantities with varied success but some interesting textures can be produced. Lovely work.


  7. Hi Bill - I'd be interested to see what list you've come up with for the Teutonics. I've played them for a few years now, although not under WAB 2 yet. They are a solid army (particularly with the Hochmeister) but by no means a killer. The infantry are too slow and if the knights fail to punch through then your toast. The stubborn crossbowmen with pavise are worth taking.
    I've been play testing the new Teutonic list that will hopefully form part of the Masters of the Steppes supplement. It gives you more options in terms of army composition.
    Cheers W.

  8. I went for them for two reasons. 1) The high points cost means a small army = Less figs to paint. 2)Had a nuit of the GB knights sat in a box for a year or so now and its about time I did something with them. I'd be interested in seeing the new list at some point :)