Friday, 16 July 2010


Had a bit of a blast at getting my first Saxon unit done this week. There was only 8 figures needed to finish it off so I decided to try and get them all done and did. This unit has been painted over a long period of time so there are about 3 or 4 different painting styles within it, but I don't think it makes a big difference when they are all based up. Inspired by Messrs Imrie and Hilton's way of making their figures look grubby and battle worn I dirtied mine up. I was going to set them in winter and put a few dashes of snow lying on the bases but I'm not sure now. I liked the idea of them being a winter raiding party so may still do it. What do you think?


  1. Top job sir, i like em :-),personally Id go for the autumnal look a few fallen leaves here and there.


  2. They look great!

    Winter themed armies do look very nice,but most gaming tables are not winterized along with your opponents armies.However,if you don't mind that then I'd say do it as the most important person to please in regards to your models is yourself.:-)


  3. I like them! Right out the pages of the 'Winter King'! ...I must get back to my Saxon stuff!
    How many units are you doing? Are they 40mm by 60mm bases?
    Great blog!

  4. Go with the snow!
    I like the basing especially the leaves lying around.

  5. I think the fallen leaves set it off nicely

  6. Very Nice Bill. Good to see you painting. I must get a couple of your Saxons out of the pile at some point.

    Good stuff mate

  7. Lovely stuff Bill.

    Seems like you are really getting back into this painting lark with a bit of a vengeance :O)


  8. Thanks for the comments guys. I've added a little snow on the bases, but not enough to make them look snowy if that makes sense. Kind of left over snow after a thaw. Will post some pics once I've added the Banner.

  9. Dave They are a mix of base sizes. Mainly for WAB but all the first two ranks are on 40x40 so they will do for Impetus too :)